Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Oleg's" continued

Once the initial bandit encounter is over, the PCs can settle in. As the days pass, the Trading Post receives more visitors in the form of Kesten Garess and his men. The aim, of course, is that they can become guards for the fort in the absence of the PCs. In Savage Worlds, the use of Extras means that should you so wish, these men may be come under the command of the PCs with ease.

Kesten Garess
Mercenary Captain (p135 FC)

Mercenaries (p135 FC)

A day after these men arrive, another traveller joins the group: Jhod Kavken. In the original adventure he is intended to be a source of healing for the PCs, but the 'golden hour' of healing in Savage Worlds means that his efficacy in this role is much reduced, unless he is given the Greater Healing power. Here are my current thoughts on him:

Jhod Kavken
Priest of Healing (p143 FC)
Replace Pacifist with Stubborn
Replace Taunt with Survival
Replace Healing with Greater Healing

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