Sunday, 28 March 2010

Barbarian Cairn & Trap-Filled Glade

Barbarian Cairn

The ring in the cairn was created following the guidelines in the FC, and thus uses the Miscellaneous Items table.

Ring of Swimming
This item grants a +3 bonus to the Swimming skill.

Trap-Filled Glade

I looked online to see if there were stats or suggestions for using bear traps in Savage Worlds and saw that The Day After Ragnarok (Atomic Overmind Press) has them as Gear. It would be a bit much to buy the pdf just for that! (Awesome as the setting is)

Instead I took some inspiration from this thread at the Savage Worlds forum.

Bear Trap
If triggered, the character’s foot is caught in the vice, causing 2d8 damage and reducing his Pace by 1 until properly healed.


  1. This is great stuff. Keep it coming!

  2. I need to add a check to a) see if they find one, b) check which PC stumbled into it and c) see if that PC Notices it.

    My thoughts are: a) keep the percentile chance in the original, b) draw a card for each PC, the lowest has stumbled upon the trap, and c) that PC needs to roll to Notice.

    Thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. I would say:
    a) The trap is always (100%) triggered if the PC steps on it, so skip this step.
    b) Random card draw is nice - keep this.
    c) Keep the Notice check for the unlucky PC about to step on the trap, but add: all other PCs can roll Notice as well and on a Raise (only) they can warn their buddy before he steps down on the trap.

    This way, the whole group feels involved and may save a friend's life (action, action, action).

  4. I like the Raise idea. Consider it swiped. ;)