Friday, 26 March 2010


Primarily of course, I will be using the Kingmaker Adventure Path modules as the basis for this conversion. The Stolen Land is the first of the series, and I will be converting the encounters in this, as well as writing about the group going through the adventure, which is taking place as a PbP on the Paizo boards.

Also, I have downloaded the Player's Guide to the Kingmaker AP, as well as conversion document for d20 to Savage Worlds.

I am using the Explorer's Edition of Savage Worlds, as well as the Fantasy Companion. Where a monster is listed in either of these books (e.g. bandits) I will give a page reference rather than typing out the whole stat block.


  1. A quick question to start (as I just happen to be doing the exact same conversion for my table-top game):

    How will you convert:
    - Items/coins (I suggest using PF equipment & prices.
    - Races (keep to the FC races or add in additional PF races?)
    - Encounters (I see these being problematic, as SW characters will advance at a different rate, and have a different power-curve than PF. What are you doing to balance the encounters?)

  2. -We are indeed using the Pathfinder economy rather than the Savage Worlds one. This has meant that I have had to create some new prices in places to account for slight differences in armour descriptions. I may well post these later.
    -I have kept to the FC races/ I may well try a more faithful conversion of gnomes at some point.
    -Encounters I am not too worried about, as to begin with at least, the characters will be facing other humans and small humanoids. As the FC says, SW isn't about balanced encounters in the same way as "some other games". So, the short answer is, I'm not even trying to balance the encounters.

    Also the nature of a sandbox means that sometimes the PCs will be outclassed in a straight up fight. They then have to find a way to overcome the obstacle by some other means.