Thursday, 1 April 2010

Iconic thoughts

I've been pondering what the iconic pre-gens presented in The Stolen Land might look like in Savage Worlds terms, and they seem to translate across pretty well.

It's interesting from a d20 perspective that the party has no arcane caster, and that 3 of the pre-gens are wilderness classes (human barbarian, gnome druid, dwarf ranger), with that perennial oddball the monk filling in slot number 4.

Initial thoughts:

Barbarian - Berserk
Druid - AB: Miracles, Beast Friend
Ranger - Woodsman
Monk - Adept, AB: Miracles

Just rambling at the moment...


  1. One of the strengths of Savage Worlds is that there is no confining classes. You can pick anything you want: Berserking wizard, thief with beast friend, etc. So I don't think pre-gens have as much value in SW.

    The other thing my players have noted (Pathfinder or SW) is that PCs with mounts (knights, paladins, etc) may actually get more use in this "outdoor" adventure than in others.

    On an unrelated note: you should definately post a link to your blog on the Pinnacle "conversion" forums.

  2. Oh yes, absolutely. I just like converting characters from one system to another.